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digitalroadmap - Overall Online Strategy

This company, in the financial services section, used a digitalroadmap to communicate the digital activity that was required to support their overall online strategy and rebranding initiatives. Their digitalroadmap, ensured that multiple parties, from multiple companies, in multiple locations had a broad overview of their planned online activities.

Concentric onlinestrategyroadmap 

digitalroadmap Online Strategy Example


digitalroadmapMobile Web Example

This digitalroadmap was used by a "brick and mortar" service company for the development and deployment of their mobile website. The digitalroadmap served as a communications tool within their organization to ensure that multiple parties, across multiple disciplines, understood the activities and process for launching mobile enabled webpages.

Concentric mobilewebroadmap

digitalroadmap Mobile Web Example


digitalroadmapOptimization Example

After completing a product review, an online retailer had a goal of ensuring that their online channels were performing to the best of their abilities. The optimization digitalroadmap was used to communicate the activities that the organization planned to undertake as part of their performance review. 

Concentric performancereviewroadmap

digitalroadmap Optimization Example