Paid Advertising Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

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Online paid advertising opportunities come in a variety of forms. For easier management, transparency and communications, most reputable organizations selling paid advertising have standard offers. As seen in 2014, these offers continue to evolve, keeping pace with opportunities presented by consumer and business trends. For example, more use of mobile smart phones creates more mobile advertising opportunities. More bandwidth supporting video streaming creates more opportunity for video ads.

2014 - A Year of Online Integration & Business

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Many of the online opportunities for 2014 are at your doorstep. What's required to recognize them, in my opinion, is strong senior leadership who supports implementing a "foundational" online approach....

Your Digital Identity and Google+

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The impact that Google+ has on "visibility of you, your business and your products" is only going to increase and your use of Google+ could be a deciding factor on what content gets ranked in Google....

6 Ways to Use Name Reservation to Position Your Brand Online

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In the brick-and-mortar world, individuals and companies are investing a lot of time and money generating the best name and brand for their businesses. In the online world, it’s just as important to reserve a name for your ...

The Click as a Performance Metric

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One of the primary advantages "digital" promises over traditional media is the ability to directly attribute the value online channels provide to your business (performance metrics). This was an attractive advantage/benefit over television or print, where a deep level of attribution is still challenging, despite big steps in the right direction.

Seven Tips for Creating a Mobile-Aware Marketing Culture

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Can your company afford to ignore the rapidly expanding mobile marketplace? A recent poll from the Mobile Marketing Association (see Figure 1) confirms that disregarding the mobile market is a mistake that business owners and marketers want to avoid ...

Understanding How Organizations Can Measure Digital Success
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Success comes in many forms . . . including digital marketing success. The digital marketing promise has always included the ability to measure the impact of your online marketing dollars. ...

Creating a Successful Online Strategy
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The Five-Step digitalroadmap Process - Martin Zwilling recently noted in a Forbes review of The Digital Dollar that “The route to success is not a random walk.”  (Forbes, 2012).  He further notes that “From a strategic perspective, all the above should start with an overall digital roadmap, where ...


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