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The study of electronics, engineering, business, and leadership in a networked world has sparked Joe’s pursuit of a lifelong interest in leading edge technologies and their practical applications in our personal and business lives. Joe has been a founder, pioneer, and advisor for several successful Internet, Media and Publishing businesses. His educational background includes studies in Electronics and Technology, an MBA and continuing education in Intellectual Property Management and Harvard’s Leadership in a Network World programs.

Three decades later, Joe is a digital and online media thought leader, strategist, author, blogger and international presenter.  Through his company, Concentric, he helps leaders leverage their businesses using smart, well planned digital strategies.

He presents globally with a focus on strategies to improve the reach and success of online, social and digital media initiatives. His expertise and guidance has been sought by the likes of Toyota, Hollinger, CanWest, MTT Bell Aliant, the Federal Investment Council of Argentina, as well as various societies and non-profit organizations.

Joe volunteers actively in his community, with various societies and boards and is known for his passions in education, family, music, the environment and sports. 


TheDigitalDollar_Front-CoveThe Digital Dollar

The Digital Dollar - Sustainable Strategies for Online Success, published by FairWinds Press, is Joe's first book that he has authored on his own. His thoughts and presentations on buidling sustainable online competencies and industries, that he presented in Argentina, were published into a book that also included his co-presenters presentations and thoughts. 

"One of the dilemmas in this digital age is hearing, reading and being connected to all the things everyone else says you should know or do to stay on top on your “online game” … while trying to ensure your online strategy is driven by your business goals.  Every digital and online product, service, feature or activity isn’t for everyone or every organization" says Joe. "I hope The Digital Dollar  helps organizations understand the digital world and which actions are best suited for their company.”



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