• Paid Advertising Comes in Many Shapes and Sizes

    As featured in: DigitalDollars&Sense Web 

    Online paid advertising opportunities come in a variety of forms. For easier management, transparency and communications, most reputable organizations selling paid advertising have standard offers. As seen in 2014, these offers continue to evolve, keeping pace with opportunities presented by consumer and business trends. For example, more use of mobile smart phones creates more mobile advertising opportunities. More bandwidth supporting video streaming creates more opportunity for video ads.

  • The Click as a Performance Metric

    As featured in: DigitalDollars&Sense Web

    One of the primary advantages "digital" promises over traditional media is the ability to directly attribute the value online channels provide to your business (performance metrics). This was an attractive advantage/benefit over television or print, where a deep level of attribution is still challenging, despite big steps in the right direction.

Digital Resources

  • How to Spend Your Digital Dollars

    As interviewed by Sarah Max and published in Time's Business and Money Section, Joe discusses the importance of mapping out a strategy, rather than taking a "ready, aim, fire approach" to building a web presence.
  • digitalroadmap Examples

    A digital roadmap is a term used to define an online strategy or a component of an online strategy. Digital Roadmaps always include a one page visual summary of online strategy plans. Click here for visual digital roadmap examples.
  • Website Checklist & Review

    From The Digital Dollar - Assessing Your Current Website Web Pages are important investments and integral to your business. A Website Review is an critical component of ongoing online optimization to ensure you get the most value for the digital dollars you spend.  Evaluate your web pages, social channels, mobile channels or site with this checklist. Contact Us for more details on process and methodolgies.  

In the SpotLight

  • Forbes Review of The Digital Dollar Book

    ... "In a recent book by business technologies guru Joe Wozny, “The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for Online Success,” I found a good summary of the top strategies, with some practical advice on how to implement them ..." 
  • Digital Dollars and Sense Journal

    Digital Doll$rs and Sense is dedicated to online distinctive insights, news, trends, and online business integration. Each edition is packed with informative content, dedicated to sharing important activities and topics ... Visit the Digital Resources section for more info. 

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