"By 2015, the 20% of enterprises that employ social media beyond marketing will lead their industries in revenue growth." Gartner, 2013.

Your business infrastructure must support growing digital user demands for social access to new mobile, tablet and composite devices.

Take advantage of the behaviors enabled by the internet and social technologies with our digital roadmap workshops and tailored strategy engagement programs.

Get insightful counsel and facilitation on how best to utilize digital and online opportunities. Let our founder Joe Wozny lead your attendees through the evolving online landscape of marketing, social media, and business integration keynotes.

digitalroadmap Workshops 

We serve as your digital thinking partner, leveraging our experience and expertise to help deliver programs tailored and best fit for your objectives.

Strengthen your customer relationships and share ideas with your customers, prospects, suppliers and partners. Drive more workforce effectiveness and enhance your customer productivity. What are your business reasons to justify investment in the internet and social media?

We provide extraordinary workshop sessions, both strategic and tactical delivering practical thinking on business and internet matters, inspiring individuals and organizations to achieve mastery and gain skills in the world of internet business.

Joe Wozny Speaking 

If you’re planning a meeting or conference, let our founder Joe Wozny lead your attendees through the evolving digital landscape of marketing, social media, and business integration.

Joe Wozny, is a strategist, engineer and advisor. His focus is on creating and implementing change strategies that inspire employees, customer retention and engage new activation. Author of The Digital Dollar: Sustainable Strategies for online success, Wozny shows businesses how to plan, create and operate online environments that create visitor engagements

His presentations include a set of practical and actionable takeaways you can implement immediately. Joe shares insights into the future of online and business and how your company can get ahead of the curve.

Joe’s information is packed with “tips and insights” — always customized to each specific group, using new research, industry-specific case studies, and completed in close partnership with the meeting planner. 

Your Assurance 

Expert Solutions: We ask the right questions, listen intelligently to our clients’ needs and objectives, and match those with our collective knowledge and experience to and tailor the perfect message for clients’ event.

We make sure we actually understand your objectives. We listen first, then recommend. This is a simple but effective practice we've always used in tailoring our conference keynotes, and it's critically important with learning modules & development initiatives.

Let Concentric’s Joe Wozny and team show your attendees how to earn measurable, bottom-line results for the digital strategies they employ.  Direct, clear, understandable, and precision-focused on return on investment.